Official Guidance

Official guidance pertaining to types of expenditures (claims) which may not withstand the scrutiny of any person or agency is found in the Missouri Code of State Regulations, 1 C.S.R. 10-3(2). It states:

The following are types of claims which may not be certified as regular claims unless special circumstances substantially justify the granting of an exception to this rule:

Claims for the purchase of goods or services which are not apparently or cannot be substantially justified as directly related to the transaction of state business. For example, employee parties, agency team uniforms, employee gifts, holiday cards and decorations, personal club memberships, memorial flowers, political and charitable contributions and traffic tickets. An exception is made for the purchase of retirement, service, political and other recognition award gifts which may be certified as regular claims if reasonable in relation to the circumstances of the award and primarily represent a token or recognition and not a reward with a cash equivalent or substantial monetary value. Claims for the expense of receptions for employee recognition events should be at a nominal price per person attending. Holiday decorations are allowed for commonly accessed public areas such as reception and waiting rooms.