Fiscal Responsibility Policy FAQ's

  • Foundation Funds: If an expense is not allowed under the University Fiscal Responsibility Policy, can I pay for it with Foundation Funds?
    There are only three automatic exceptions to University Policy where foundation funds may be used. 
    • Purchase of flowers
    • Purchase of Alcohol when entertaining a donor of official guest of the University
    • Candidate spousal travel for interview. 
  • Retreat and Picnics: Can I use Foundation funds to pay for a third retreat or for my college's annual picnic with spouses? 
    No, Unless payment of that expenditure with Foundation funds is pre-approved in writing by VP, Provost or President.
  • Meals with Guests: If my dinner meal (in or out of town) with a donor or University guest costs over $30 per person or includes alcohol, can this expenditure be paid for with Foundation Funds?
    Only the alcohol portion AND the donor's meal cost over the standard allowance of $30 may be paid with Foundation Funds unless preapproved in writing as an exception by VP, Provost or President. 
  • Working Lunches: What does the Fiscal Responsibility Policy mean when it says no more working lunches - "That food and alcoholic beverages may be purchased for University meetings not attended by guests of the University only if they occur during times outside normal business hours of the University, AND when such meetings span the normal meal hour". What about departments working lunches ad the union or another building? 
    A Department's working lunch at the Union, for example is generally not reimbursable unless the expense is preapproved in writing by a VP, Provost or President. If University training occurs that is greater than two hours and continues through lunch, the cost of that lunch is reimbursable. 
  • Working Dinners: can food be reimbursed if it is after 5:00 pm and served over the dinner hour? 
    If a business meeting extends beyond normal business hours, such as the dinner hour, and is entirely University business, the cost of that meal may be reimbursed. 
  • Service Recognition: I want to honor my departmental secretary for her outstanding service to the department the past year by ordering a cake and appetizers from Chartwells. Can I use University or Foundation funds to pay for this expense? 
    No. University and Foundation funds may be used ONLY to pay for service recognition such as an employee's retirement, or as in the case of the  Service Award event, for years of service for one employee or for a group of employees. 
  • Lunch for Team Projects: I want to provide pizza for lunch for our team and the employees from another department, who worked all day on a project and put in extra hours. Can my operating budget pay for this? 
    No, not unless preapproved in writing by VP, Provost or President.