Electronic Time and Effort Certification

Effort reporting

An electronic semester effort report should be certified for each individual (faculty, professional staff or graduate assistant) who has been involved with an externally sponsored program (grant/contract) and should account for 100% of a person's effort. Reports are not required for employees paid on an hourly basis.

Following the end of the semester, a report based on actual payroll will be made available for each individual who was paid with funds either directly from or match for externally sponsored programs. Principal Investigators will be responsible to review all reports for their projects and certify that each employee did in fact put forth the effort indicated by the report.

Semester reports will use reporting periods which coincide with pay periods and are due by the dates listed below:

Semester Period Due Date


08/01 – 12/31

January 31


01/01 - 04/30

June 30


05/01 - 07/31

September 30

For additional information, please refer to Electronic Time & Effort Certification User Guide for instructions & terminology.