Faculty Senate

2022–23 Faculty Senate Chair message

Mike HudsonWelcome to the Missouri State University Faculty Senate webpage. Here you will find information about Faculty Senate meetings and actions, as well as links to the online curricular process, Senate committees, and other relevant information.

Faculty Senate is an elected body, charged with overseeing faculty matters—including review and approval of all curricular changes—and representing the will of the faculty to the administration and Board of Governors. It consists of voting representatives from every department at the university and the various ranks of faculty on campus. The Faculty Senate is led by the Executive Committee, which consists of the Chair, Chair-elect, Secretary of the Faculty, past-Chair, and the Senate Parliamentarian. We also have non-voting members representing student groups and university staff.

Faculty Senate meets monthly, usually on the second Thursday of the month, to consider proposals from Senate committees and address other issues of importance to the faculty. All Senate meetings are open to all members of the university.

Thank you for asking me to serve as Chair of the Faculty Senate for 2022–2023. I am humbled and honored to be elected to this role. Like my predecessors, I strongly believe in shared governance and that an engaged, active Senate is good for both faculty and the university. I encourage faculty and all university members to participate in our shared governance process by communicating your concerns to your elected representatives and serving on Senate committees when possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or issues you believe the Senate should consider. I wish you a safe and productive academic year.

Michael Hudson
Faculty Senate Chair, 2022-2023
Associate Professor, Department of Public Health & Sports Medicine



Faculty Senate Executive Committee


Chair – Michael Hudson
Chair-Elect – Elizabeth Walker
Secretary of the Faculty – Melinda Novik
Parliamentarian – Cynthia MacGregor
Past Chair – Christopher Herr

Faculty Senate Office

Sandra Johnson, CAP
Administrative Specialist III
Office: LIB 201D
Phone: 836-5257

Faculty Senate Calendar

March 17 - Primary Election Begins for Associate Professor Rank Representative

March 27 - Primary Election Ends

March 29 - General Election Begins

March 30 - FSEC Meets

April 4 - College Councils Meet

April 5 - CGEIP, EPPC and Graduate Council Meet

April 7 - General Election Ends/University Offices Closed

April 13 - Faculty Senate Meets at 3:30 p.m. in PSU 313

April 27 - FSEC Meets

May 3 - CGEIP, EPPC and Graduate Council Meet

May 11 - Faculty Senate Meets at 3:30 p.m. in PSU 313 for the Organizational Session of the 2023-2024 Senate