Request Design and Editorial Work

Do you need a publication to recruit students or connect with alumni or donors? The professional designers, writers and photographers in the office of creative services can assist with this and much more.

We work with both academic and nonacademic units to craft marketing materials that help you meet your goals.

We prioritize which projects we can take from clients. Our top priority areas:

  • Student recruitment and retention.
  • Advancement, development and fundraising, including alumni and donor relations.
  • The president’s office.

How to make your request

We have limited staff and great demand for our services, so advanced planning for editorial and design needs is essential. To initiate the process, contact us.

Our office will then set a planning meeting. Before we meet, please consider the following questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What goal or action do you want your project to accomplish?
  • How will this project highlight what is unique about your program, department or college?
  • If printed, how many copies of the publication will you need?
  • Will the publication be mailed by itself or in an envelope? Or will not be mailed, but distributed in person?
  • What budget number will be used?
  • Will you need new photographs? Or are there existing, high-resolution photos?
  • When is the project needed?
  • Who is the primary contact?

How long will your project take?

Production time varies depending on scope of project and staff workload.

Our shortest projects may take only weeks. Our longest projects, such as magazines and large viewbooks, may require many months or even a year or more of planning, layout, writing, design and editing.

We can take rush projects only as staffing and university priorities allow.

Please always budget two weeks for printing.

What does it cost to hire our office?

We charge fees for our services. This chart outlines the charges by the type of job.

Writing/editing services generally include researching, writing and proofreading.

Design services generally include creating concepts, directing photo shoots and working with a print vendor.

If we use outside materials, freelancers or printing, those charges will be billed to the client.

Job Level Cost Services Included
Level 1 $150–250 Performing minor changes to existing publications; creation of simple projects.
Level 2 $300–450 Developing small brochures, posters and banners/displays.
Level 3 $500–1,000

Developing multiple-page publications and projects requiring substantial time, effort and resources

You will incur a rush charge if you need your project in a very short turnaround time (less than four to six weeks of production). A fee of 50% of the job level charge will be applied.

What is it like to work with creative services?

You will receive a project brief after your planning meeting. It will outline your project and deadlines. When you approve it and provide all relevant information requested, it will go in our job queue.

You will be involved during production. You will receive rounds proofs to review, provide feedback and give final approval. Although professional members of our office also proof the material, the responsibility of making sure everything is accurate rests with you.

After the project has been approved for print, we will find a suitable printer. This will be either Missouri State printing services or an outside printing establishment. We will handle the required bidding process. We will monitor the progress of the project while it is being printed.

Projects printed off-campus will be delivered to the Missouri State receiving dock, unless otherwise noted. Delivery to you will be coordinated by the receiving dock and our office.

Creative resources you can access any time

MSU uses Associated Press style when marketing the university, supplemented with our own style guide. The office of creative services maintains the university’s editorial style guide.

Missouri State University has a brand that builds our identity and ensures all materials have cohesive tone and visuals. At this site, we spell out how to best use the brand.

We have carefully spelled out to use the Bear logo to be compliant with brand standards.