Likeness Release for Larger Groups

The undersigned hereby irrevocably consents to and authorizes the use by Missouri State University, its officers and employees, ("University") of the undersigned's image, voice and/or likeness as follows: The University shall have the right to photograph, publish, re-publish, adapt, exhibit, perform, reproduce, edit, modify, make derivative works, distribute, display or otherwise use or reuse the undersigned's image, voice and/or likeness in connection with any product or service in all markets, media or technology now known or hereafter developed in University's products or services, as long as there is no intent to use the image, voice and/or likeness in a disparaging manner. University may exercise any of these rights itself or through any successors, transferees, licensees, distributors or other parties, commercial or nonprofit. The undersigned acknowledges receipt of good and valuable consideration in exchange for this Release, which may simply be the opportunity to represent the University in its promotional and advertising materials as described above.

Likeness release form for larger groups

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