Editorial and Design Charges

There is a nominal fee charged for the services. The following chart outlines the types of charges departments and offices will incur for creative services.

Writing services most often include researching, writing and proofreading. Design services generally include creating concepts, directing photo shoots, designing and producing digital art for printing, as well as working directly with a print vendor.

Charges incurred for the use of outside materials, photography and printing will be added to the service charge.

Job charges
Job level Charge Types of jobs included
Level 1 $150–250 performing minor changes to existing publications; creation of simple projects
Level 2 $300–450 development of small brochures, posters and banners/displays
Level 3 $500–1,000 development of multiple-page publications and projects requiring substantial time, effort and resources

These charges include creating concepts, writing/editing copy, designing, art directing photography, and producing camera-ready art for printing.

Rush charge

A rush charge is incurred when the project production and delivery is required in a very short turnaround (less than 4-6 week production schedule). A fee of 50% of the job level charge will be applied.