Spring Break Immersion Trips


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The Spring Immersion Trips are week long experiences where students are immersed into a new culture, group of people, and experience.  Trips include direct service with local agencies, learning about a specific social issue, social time in the destination city, and time to hang out with other students. 

Service Volunteer with local community agencies in the destination city
Education Learn more about the social issue, explore the city, and have fun!
Fellowship Spend time with other Missouri State University students, explore the city, and have relaxing social time structured each day.
Reflection Each day will consist of time to reflect on your experience, share your thoughts with others and talk about the social issues.
Public Affairs Learn more about cultural competence, community engagement, and ethical leadership and how that applies to you as a student.

 Trips partially funded by SOFAC



Apply to become a Trip Leader for a Spring Immersion Trip in 2015:

Spring Immersion Trip Leader Application

Immersion Trip Blogs

Throughout each of our Immersion Trips, students will be blogging about their experiences.  Take the time to read their blogs and comment on things that interest you.  We appreciate everyone's interest and support of the trips throughout the week.