Scholarship Service Requirements

Service Renewal Criteria For Presidential, Board of Governors, University, and Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Recipients

As a recipient of one of the above scholarships, you will be required to have completed 120 hours of service to the campus or community during your first three years in order to renew your scholarship for your senior year.  This will be an excellent opportunity for you to enhance and add value to your experience at MSU in ways that will benefit you and others.  It is also consistent with the University’s public affairs mission.  

The service requirement is administered by Community Involvement & Service and you will maintain a record of your completion using Campus Link, a tool that is used to record your cocurricular activities and involvement. Early each fall semester, Community involvement & Service will host orientation sessions for entering scholarship recipients to review the service requirement, guidelines, and benefits and to provide training on the use of Campus Link.  You will be required to attend one of these sessions and will receive an email announcement with information on the available times and dates.  You will also be able to review current guidelines and service opportunities at  Additionally, during the spring of your junior year, you will be asked to submit a statement reflecting on the service you have provided and what impact it has had on you.   

We strongly encourage you to begin fulfilling your service requirement your freshman year.


What Counts As Service Presentation

Guide to Tracking Service Hours