Curricular Work Group

Purpose: To clarify the top issues related to the curricular charge process and then recommend remedies to whomever is responsible for providing these adjustments. These remedies might include: 1) Changes to the online curricular change process. If these changes require faculty approval then the Faculty Senate will provide such oversight and potential approval; 2) Training for faculty who use the online curricular change system. This “training” might be information boxes within the system and/or instructional videos; 3) Staffing adjustments. This might require the creation of a new staff position or realignment of existing staff and responsibilities.

Membership: The Chair of the Faculty Senate will serve as Chair of this work group. Additional members will include staff with expertise in the curricular process and the Past Chair and Chair-elect of Faculty Senate, as well as the Secretary of the Faculty.

Christopher Herr, THE, RCOAL (Chair of Faculty Senate)
Cameron Wickham, MTH, CNAS (Past Chair of the Faculty Senate)
Michael Hudson, PHSM, MCHHS (Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate)
Lanya Lamouria, ENG, COAL (Faculty Senate Secretary)
Cynthia MacGregor, CLSE, COE (Faculty Senate Parliamentarian)
Julie Masterson, Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate College
Christy Graham, Graduate College
Katrina Chavez, Office of the Registrar
Sandy Johnson, Faculty Senate
John Catau, Faculty Emeritus, Office of the Provost
Jon Lee, Senior Systems Analyst
Shaun Elder, Workflow Systems Analyst
Kyle Tiggemann, Institutional Research

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