Ad Hoc Committee on 120-Hour Graduation Requirement

Purpose: The ad hoc Committee on the 120-Hour Graduation Requirement will investigate the appropriateness and feasibility of changing the MSU minimum undergraduate graduation requirement from 125 hours to 120. The question for the committee to answer is:  Should MSU reduce the minimum graduation requirement for a bachelor’s degree from 125 to 120 hours? If so, under what conditions should this change be implemented?

Possible conditions to consider include:

  • No mandated changes to general education
  • No mandated reductions in requirements for any existing program
  • Existing programs students can complete with 120 or fewer hours be changed by the Registar’s office without program faculty submitting individual curricular changes.

Membership: The Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate will serve as Chair of this committee. Additional members of the committee will be one ranked faculty member from each of the colleges (7 members), plus a representative from the Provost Office and a representative from the Registrar’s office.

2017–2018 Roster

Tom Dicke, Chair-Elect of Faculty Senate
Gary Webb, CoAg
Pedro Koo, COAL
Rebecca Woodward, CHHS
Jef Cornelius-White, COE
Jun Luo, CNAS
Kevin Pybas, CHPA
Richard Gebken, COB
Rob Hornberger, Registrar
Chris Craig, Associate Provost

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