The Jane A. Meyer Carillon

The world's largest instrument

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon on the campus of Missouri State University

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon was dedicated on April 13, 2002, and is located at the southwest corner of the Duane G. Meyer Library. Ken and Jane Meyer, longtime friends of the University and supporters of the arts, donated the funds to the University for the purchase of 48 bronze bells and for the construction of the 2.5 million-pound, 140-foot tall structure — the tallest carillon in the Midwest. Jane was an organ student of the department of music and had a lifelong love of the arts. It is most fitting that the carillon, which serves as an icon of the University, is named after her.

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon’s bronze bells, cast-iron clappers and keyboard were purchased from and installed by Royal Eijsbouts, a prestigious bell foundry in the Netherlands. The total weight of the 48 bells is 32,000 pounds, with the largest bell weighing 5,894 pounds, or nearly three tons. According to the Guild of Carillonneurs in North America, the Jane A. Meyer Carillon is one of approximately 180 carillons in North America and is the larger of the two carillons in Missouri.

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon plays the standard Westminster chime sequence every 15 minutes, with the first of the hourly bells marking the exact start of each hour. In addition to the Summer Concert Series, the department of music coordinates and presents special carillon concerts during the academic year.

The carillon is an extraordinary musical instrument with a history as rich as it is long.

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