About the Carillon Series

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon Series

Celebrating the Success

Even though most of the success of the Carillon Series is due to the love, respect and dedication that many, many people have for Ken Meyer, and his late wife, Jane, there are numerous others deserving acknowledgement. First, the performing artists — without them the series could not have succeeded. Additionally, we must thank the following individuals for their valuable contributions to this series:

  • Neosha Mackey, dean emeritus of library services;
  • Marie Murphree, former director of development for the College of Arts and Letters;
  • Barb Jones, director of special events for the College of Arts and Letters;
  • Randy Stewart of KSMU (carillon series announcer);
  • Andrew Lokie, instruction and special projects coordinator for the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning;
  • Bob Gerken and Adam Beck of classroom instructional technologies;
  • Carey Adams, former dean of the College of Arts and Letters;
  • Roger Stoner, former associate dean and head of the music department;
  • Gloria Galanes, dean, and the College of Arts and Letters staff;
  • Julie Combs, head of the department of music;
  • Mollie Molnar, John Prescott and Dianne Strickland, former heads of the music department;
  • Karen Horny, dean emeritus of library services;
  • and the faithful members of the Meth-O-Tarian Bridge Club.

Without the support, input, expertise, willingness and efficient help of these individuals, this series would not have been possible or enjoyed the success it has experienced.

The Jane A. Meyer Carillon Endowment Fund at the Missouri State University Foundation helps fund the Jane A. Meyer Carillon Concert Series and the carillon program. Please consider a gift to help support his series. For more information, contact the Missouri State Foundation office at 417-836-4143 or foundation@missouristate.edu.


Learn about the world's largest instrument and Jane A. Meyer's commitment to MSU and the arts.

The carillon is an extraordinary musical instrument with a history as rich as it is long.