Advisement FAQs

Do you need to find out who your advisor is?

Log onto My Missouri State and select the Student tab, then Student Profile link. On this page you can find your advisor, a link to email your advisor, your BearPass Number (student ID), your major/minor, your degree, and where you can review your advising notes and releases.

Do you need to be assigned an advisor?

Please contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center or our department office. The department assistant can help get an advisor assigned, and you may always speak with the department head if you have questions.

Are you a new transfer student?

If you are a new transfer student, the links below will help you with basic university information including admissions and a "to-do" list. It is very important that you meet with an advisor before the semester you plan to start at Missouri State. Contact a transfer advisor to set up an appointment in person, on the phone or via Skype.

Need help with re-evaluating how your communication classes transferred?

You should contact our department to find out the procedure for getting a transfer course re-evaluated. In all cases, we require a complete catalog description of the course first. In most cases, especially regarding the general education public speaking course, a copy of the syllabus for the course you took is required. Once those materials are reviewed, the department head will contact you directly with the decision.

If you have concerns about how certain classes were evaluated when you enrolled in Missouri State University, you should contact a transfer advisor.

Are you an evening student?

Our department offers evening advisement on an appointment basis. Please contact an advisor to make an appointment.

How do you make an appointment with your advisor?

Refer to the list of our faculty to contact your advisor directly either by phone or by email.

Do you want to know what classes are required for your degree program?

You may locate sample four-year degree plans for each undergraduate major in the communication department on their respective program pages.

Degree plans can be downloaded and printed out to assist you in deciding what classes to enroll in or talk to your advisor about. However, you should be aware that your general education degree requirements are found in the university catalog. Degree requirements that affect you are reflected in the catalog when you first attend the university. You major requirements are "locked in" from the catalog in force during the semester that you are admitted to your degree program.

Are you having trouble contacting your advisor?

Please allow time for your advisor to get back to you. Some faculty members are not on campus every day. In most cases, you can expect a reply within 48 hours. If you have waited a reasonable amount of time and are still having trouble getting hold of your advisor, please contact our department.

Do you have any other question about academic advising or registration?

Contact the Academic Advising and Transfer Center.