Conflict Intervention Services

Five people talking together at a table. The CDR has a long history of providing conflict intervention services for organizations and academic institutions who are struggling to manage ongoing conflict within teams, units, departments, or other groups.

Conflict intervention processes are developed systematically using a team approach wherein the CDR’s intervention team and the client collaborate to determine the goals and expectations of the organization in order to achieve desired outcomes and ensure success of the effort.

The first step of the intervention process is information gathering, which make take place through interviews, focus groups, and/or surveys. At the conclusion of the information gathering phase the CDR provides a concluding document that summarizes the general themes of the data and makes recommendations as to further courses of action, including whether additional intervention processes are needed or advisable.

If warranted, additional steps in the intervention process may include coaching of specific organizational members, mediation between individuals or groups, targeted conflict and communication skills training, team building activities, strategic planning and visioning, and conflict system design.

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