Conflict System Design Services

A group of people gather for discussion around round tables while a woman writes on a flip chart. The CDR offers in-depth intervention services to assist organizations in developing conflict management systems that address and encourage the effective management of conflict on an organization-wide basis.

The focus of these interventions is multi-fold:

  • To assess an organization’s current conflict climate, including the organizational culture, the current successes and challenges in addressing conflict, the level of motivation for change, the willingness of organizational members to engage in the conflict system design process, and the level of knowledge and skill related to conflict management within the organization. 
  • To develop the “buy in” of organizational leaders and stakeholders
  • To develop customized systems of managing conflicts that arise, taking into account an organization’s specific culture, needs, management style, and other factors.
  • To implement the conflict system within the organization, adapting to address challenges as they arise.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the conflict management system on a periodic basis.  


To discuss the CDR’s conflict system design services in depth, please contact the CDR at 417-836-8831 or