Facilitation and Strategic Planning Services

facilitationThe CDR offers expert facilitation and strategic planning services for businesses and organizations.


There are certain assumptions that we as consultants bring to the table when facilitating planning processes. These assumptions are based on our experiences and our commitment to making the facilitation as effective as possible. Our assumptions include:

  • The most effective strategic planning process is developed systematically.
  • Strategic planning is most effective using a team approach.
  • The most effective process involves close collaboration and communication between the facilitation team and client to determine the goals and expectations of the organization in order to achieve desired outcomes and ensure success of the effort.

Facilitation Process

There are different forms of planning and facilitation. As explained above, we are committed to a collaborative process to determine the most relevant structure in achieving the stated goals/outcomes of addressing an organization’s needs and goals.

Generally the facilitation process and components include:

  • Pre-facilitation information gathering. This may include conference calls, email discussions, and or other forms of interaction with key participants and organizers. The goal of this information gathering is to gain a clear understanding of the client’s assumptions and goals for the facilitation process and in doing so, to collaborate with the organization to craft a process that will directly and successfully meet the goals and desired outcomes of the group.
  • Provide the client with a focused yet fluid agenda prior to the facilitation.
  • Provide the client with a draft summary document of the process and outcomes at the conclusion of the facilitation and prior to leaving. This draft document will be finalized after the group has had an opportunity to review and edit.
  • Provide the client with on-going negotiated support to achieve the goals identified and accomplish outcomes


Costs for facilitation and strategic planning services are negotiated on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the project, the needs of the organization, the length of the process, travel needs, etc. To discuss your specific project pleas contact the CDR at 417-836-8831 or CDR@MissouriState.edu