Conflict Certificate Programs

Academic Conflict Certificates supported by the Center for Dispute Resolution

The Certificates in Conflict and Dispute Resolution provide a 16-18 credit-hour experience in dispute resolution and conflict processes. These interdisciplinary program offers specific information and training to help students understand conflict and resolve disputes. The certificates have both a theory/research component and an applied component. Additional electives allow students to study conflict and its management in the context of their specific disciplines or professions. These certificates will benefit anyone who encounters conflict on an interpersonal, family, organizational, inter-group, or community level.

Offered at the undergraduate and graduate level

The Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution program is supported by the CDR and offered through the Department of Communication at Missouri State University. Students have the option of completing an Undergraduate Certificate in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, which must be completed in conjunction with a bachelor's degree, or the Graduate Certificate Program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, which can be taken alone, or concurrently with a master's degree.

What is a "certificate" program?

A certificate program is a transcripted degree program offered through a University. It is similar to a bachelor's or master's degree program, expect that it typically requires fewer credit hours to complete and focuses intently on a given topic. Once an individual has completed a certificate program, the degree will appear on his or her transcript.

To learn more about either of these programs, click the links below. You may also contact the the CDR or the program Director, Dr. Erin Wehrman.