Payment Method

Missouri State Credit Card Policy

As part of the annual fee schedule approved by the Board of Governors, Missouri State University credit card policy is as follows:

  • University utilizes a third party credit card processing company to process payments made by credit or debit cards on all University Accounts.
  • The system accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express and VISA cards.
  • The third party processing company charges a separate convenience fee of 2.85 percent that applies to all credit and debit card payments. The university does not share in this fee.
  • This policy does not affect credit card payments made directly at the bookstore, Magers Health and Wellness Center or ticketing offices.
  • E-check payments do not incur a processing fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What credit cards are accepted for University Account payments?

Missouri State University accepts MasterCard, Discover, American Express and VISA. Credit Card Payments will be accepted online only or at the payment kiosk near the Bursar's office in Carrington Hall.  Credit Card payments will not be accepted over the phone or in person at the Bursars office window. 


Why is Missouri State University charging a fee for the use of my credit card?

Missouri State University wants to provide students and their families a range of options for paying their educational expenses. Credit card payment methods, however, have become prohibitively expensive because of the fees charged by credit card companies for credit card transaction processing. Previously, this fee has been paid by the University and by all students, regardless of whether they used credit cards for payment or not. With the new system, only those who opt to pay using a credit/debit card incur the 2.85 percent fee charged by the third party company.

Is there any way I can avoid paying a convenience fee?

You can avoid paying the convenience fee by paying online with an e-check, an electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. You may also mail a check to Missouri State University.

If I make a credit card payment in error, will my convenience fee be refunded?

No. The convenience fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back.

If I use my debit card to pay my student account charges, will I be charged a convenience fee?

Yes. If you use your debit card like a credit card to pay your student account charges, you will be charged the 2.85 percent convenience fee. For checking or savings account debits, please use the e-check option to avoid paying the convenience fee.

Will I be charged a convenience fee on all purchases from Missouri State?

No. The fee does not apply to credit card payments made directly at the bookstore, Magers Heath and Wellness Center or ticketing offices.

How can I obtain a MasterCard, Discover or American Express Card?

You can contact your bank to apply for a MasterCard. To apply for a Discover Card, visit the Discover Card website or call 1-800-347-2683. To apply for an American Express Card, visit the American Express Card website or call 1-800-223-2670.

Does Missouri State University have a MasterCard?

Please visit the Missouri State Alumni Association to find out more information and how to apply for this card.

If I have a Visa debit card, can I make payments on my University Account?

Yes. You should contact your bank and request your bank account number and bank routing number. With this information you will be able to pay online with an e-check, an electronic withdrawal from your account. Paying your account by e-check avoids being charged a convenience fee.