How To Find Your Advisor

A student is required to meet with their academic advisor before registering for classes if the student has fewer than 75 completed semester hours on their transcript.  Make sure to meet with your advisor early!

Find your advisor

Advisor information is located in your My Missouri State profile.

  • Log into My Missouri State.  Along the top menu, click on the Registration tab.
    • Option 1:   Under My Student Records, click on Advising Notes ​​​​​​​
    • Option 2:  Under My Registration, click on Registration Status

Detailed instructions on how to find your advisor

Setting up your My Missouri State account

If an advisor is not listed, please follow the proper option below.

If you have not declared a major

If you are an Undeclared student, please email the Academic Advising and Transfer Center at

If you have declared a major

Declared majors should report to their academic major's department to be assigned an advisor. Most declared students will have a department faculty member as an academic advisor.  If you do not have an advisor assigned, please contact your major’s department for assistance.

The major exceptions are Elementary/Middle School/Special Education and Business students as those academic majors have advisement centers staffed mostly with professional academic advisors.