Recruitment - What to Expect

Recruitment may seem stressful to incoming students simply because of lack of knowledge. Once a few of the small details are discovered, the process won't seem quite as frightening. Here are a couple of important things to remember.

  • Turn in your recruitment application early. Then you won't worry about turning it in late or end up paying the late fee ($10 extra for women turning it in after the deadline). You can download an application off of the website, pick one up in the Office of Student Engagement in PSU 101, or turn in your application off of the brochure.
  • Attend as many of the scheduled events as you can to begin meeting chapter members and learn about our community.
  • Be yourself! An important aspect of MSU Fraternity and Sorority Life is that there is something for everyone. A major part of the recruitment process is finding a chapter that you fit in with.

There are several ways to figure out if a chapter is right for you, and one of them is through asking questions. Here is a list of questions that may be of some assistance to you in your search for the right chapter.

  • Why should I join?
  • What does your new member program consist of?
  • How long is your new member program?
  • What grade point average is required of active members?
  • What kind of community service does your chapter do?
  • How many study hall hours are required of new members and active members?
  • Are there ever any extra dues or assessments added?
  • Do dances or other events cost money?
  • Is it possible to hold a part time job and still be active (hold a major office) within the fraternity/sorority?
  • How much money would you say you spend on dues and fees a semester?