Work Study Department Facts

University Department Work Study Facts

Any department planning to hire a work study student must complete the Work Study Contract which is sent to campus departments twice a year:  in July for the Fall/Spring Semester, and in May for the Summer Semester. You can also find the Work Study Contract on our webpage under Department and Supervisor Information and Forms. If the department wishes to hire the student, an online Work Study Clearance Form must be submitted. 

Please instruct the students to complete the following forms:

                  I-9's, W-4's, and Direct Deposit-No student is allowed to begin work until all of these forms are completed.


These documents are provided in the hiring department for students. Each document must be completed, the I-9 Form E-Verified and then all documents must be returned to Student Employment for processing. Once we have all the documents and the work study clearance from a student can be cleared to work.