Student Pay Categories and Ranges

Student Employment, in conjunction with Financial Services, reserves the right to review departmental application of pay rates within the categories for campus uniformity. Budget student employees and work study student employees MUST be paid the same rate if they are performing the same job.

Category I job duties require little or no previous experience; few specific skills are required; the necessary skills may be learned "on the job" within a short time; the work is usually routine in nature; depending on the duties assigned and skills of the student, some previous training or experience may be needed. The position may or may not be closely supervised.

Range: $7.85- $8.35

Category II job duties require a high level of responsibility, training, experience, and competence; the student receives only general supervision/direction.

Range: $8.36 - $8.86

Category III student positions require job duties and skills determined to be above the range established in Category II.

Range: $8.87 and above (Needs special approval) 
Category III requires a justification within the Comment Section of the clearance form.  Justification should include duties performed and expertise needed for the pay rate. Student Employment will either approve the rate or contact the department head for clarification.

*Lower amounts within ranges are suggested starting salaries.  Students may change pay categories based on training and experience.