How to Apply

We encourage all staff members as well as their dependents that are enrolled or are enrolling in classes at the university to apply for the Staff Senate Scholarship. The scholarship can be applied for using the online scholarship application, through which you will also be automatically applied for nearly 1,000 other donor-funded scholarships.

Additionally, to be considered for the Staff Senate Scholarship ALL applicants must submit a FAFSA. Go here to find out more information on where and how to fill out a FAFSA.

The application is available from November 1 – March 1 annually, with scholarship selections for the coming academic year being made in the spring.

Accessing the Application System

  1. Log into My Missouri State using your BearPass Login and Password.
  2. Click the Profile Tab along the top.
  3. Find the Financial Aid Channel.
  4. Select the General and Department Scholarship Application Link and you will be automatically logged into Scholarship Manager.

Selecting the Right Application

  1. Once logged in, you will begin on the Applicant Home Page and will be presented with the option to start on any available applications or search through the database of scholarships.
  2. There will be three applications available, but all applications apply you for the same scholarships. You need only fill out the application that is applicable to your Class Level as of the start of the next Academic School Year

Tips While Working on the Application

  • Once you press apply on the appropriate application, remember to fill out as much of the application as is relevant to you. Filling out sections that don’t apply to you will waste your time, but skipping sections that are relevant will eliminate you from consideration from scholarships for which you might be eligible.
  • You DO NOT have to complete the application in one sitting. Your work can be saved and you can come back to complete the application at a later date.
  • Your work will be saved as you navigate to a new pages of application as long as you press the Save and Continue button at the bottom.
  • The Save & Logout Button at the bottom of each page will save your work and exit you out of the system, allowing you to pick-up where you left off on the application at a later date