Staff Senate Scholarship

Staff Senate Scholarship

The Missouri State University Staff Senate established the Staff Senate Scholarship to provide an opportunity for university staff members to assist their coworkers. The Staff Senate provides two scholarships annually to current staff members or their dependents seeking a degree at the University.

The Staff Senate Scholarship relies on donations from you. We hope you will consider giving to the Staff Senate Scholarship. Your contribution – no matter the size – can make a big difference in the lives of deserving students and staff members. To find out how you can give, visit our Give Now page.

Staff Senate Scholarship

Selection criteria

Two scholarships will be awarded annually to an individual enrolled at Missouri State University making progress toward a degree that is either...

  • A Staff Member currently employed by the University that has been employed for at least one year.
  • A dependent of such a staff member.

All applicants must submit a FAFSA in time to be evaluated by the Office of Student Financial Aid before selections are made. Consideration will be given to academic performance, leadership qualities, and demonstrated community service.

Staff members

  1. Need not show need through the required FAFSA.

Dependents of staff members

  1. Must demonstrate need through the required FAFSA.
  2. Must be enrolled full-time while receiving the scholarship.

Renewal criteria

This scholarship can be renewed, but students must reapply to be considered for renewal. If scholarships are renewed, they may only be renewed for one additional year.