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  • Jeniya Sultana

    Jeniya Sultana

    Jeniya Sultana may be a shy person, but she is not timid in the world of technology.

  • Keith Paschal

    Keith Paschal

    Being a computer science student has made Keith Paschal a better instructor.

  • Joseeduardo Granados Rodriguez

    Joseeduardo Granados Rodriguez

    It doesn't take a mathematician to solve problems. As Joseeduardo Granados Rodriguez knows, sometimes it just takes a good math teacher.

  • Gabriela Carroll Rivero

    Gabriela Carroll Rivero

    Gabriela Carroll Rivero is fascinated by the world around her, and she’s made it a mission to explore that curiosity.

  • Helena Bel

    Helena Bel

    Math and physics aren't always about having all the answers. To Helena Bel, they are helping her unlock a world of possibilities.

  • Abilene Mosher

    Abilene Mosher

    Abilene Mosher knows that an active role in preserving the natural world is not just a career, but a lifelong passion.

  • Cameron Lincks

    Cameron Lincks

    Cameron Lincks is taking his health care experience beyond his service as a military medic.

  • Sunyang (Sunny) Lee

    Sunyang (Sunny) Lee

    From Korea to Springfield, Mo., Sunny Lee was destined to become a doctoral student in the MSU nurse anesthesia program.

  • Preston Clubb

    Preston Clubb

    Whether in the lab or in the classroom, Preston Clubb wants to help people realize the potential of environmental chemistry.

  • Joe Truong

    Joe Truong

    For Joe Truong, chemistry isn't just a science. It's life.

  • Brooke Beilman

    Brooke Beilman

    Brooke Beilman knew she wanted to pursue speech-language pathology from a young age, and she took it personally.

  • Roman Davidyuk

    Roman Davidyuk

    Roman Davidyuk realizes there is nothing natural or normal when a person must have surgery.

  • Beri Diane Fonyuy-Bamnjo

    Beri Diane Fonyuy-Bamnjo

    Beri Diane Fonyuy-Bamnjo can see the light at the end of the tunnel on her Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia journey.

  • Jaimie Kuchem

    Jaimie Kuchem

    As a physical therapist, Jaimie Kuchem works with one goal in mind.

  • William Smith

    William Smith

    Whether he’s treating athletes, training future PTs or setting a good example, William Smith wants to be the best clinician he can be.
  • Tia Clemens

    Tia Clemens

    Tia Clemens could never find the right career fit. Now, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

  • Ana Torres

    Ana Torres

    What's underneath the hood? Ana Torres can show you.

  • Olivia West

    Olivia West

    Twenty years, three albums, and thousands of miles later, Olivia West, a Nashville musician, sails to the top as a 100% online returning nontraditional student.

  • Luther Harris

    Luther Harris

    A childhood fascination led Luther Harris toward engineering. He wants infrastructure built with everyone in mind.

  • Cassidy Johnson

    Cassidy Johnson

    "CLAMS” project just the start for future electrical engineer.

  • Dallas Hall

    Dallas Hall

    Through the A+ Scholarship Program and MSU-Lebanon, Dallas Hall is set up to pursue his dream career.

  • Jacqueline Durant

    Jacqueline Durant

    Getting her start at MSU, Jacqueline Durant's learning the insights of animal care.

  • DeCarla Bush

    DeCarla Bush

    DeCarla says determinations, motivation, and humility are what it takes to become a CRNA.

  • Gabe Purdy

    Gabe Purdy

    Gabe Purdy was stuck in a job-to-job rut. A life-changing event inspired him to make a change.

  • Keri Dougless

    Keri Dougless

    Keri Dougless has many titles: Mom, wife, CrossFit coach and non-traditional student. Soon, she’ll add another: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

  • Meghan McGaw

    Meghan McGaw

    The key to good health? Keeping your plate balanced.

  • Michael Rexroad

    Michael Rexroad

    Like most transfer students, Michael Rexroad had questions and concerns.

  • Madelyn Cooper

    Madelyn Cooper

    BSN Senior, Madelyn Cooper, discusses how her experiences at Missouri State laid the foundation for her nursing career.

  • Matt Hancock

    Matt Hancock

    Matt Hancock has always been passionate about health.

  • Nicholas Stoll

    Nicholas Stoll

    From psychology to public health, Nicholas Stoll is driven to help.

  • Beth Persons

    Beth Persons

    Since Beth Persons was a child, she always wanted to teach.

  • Kirby Williams

    Kirby Williams

    Kirby Williams has a passion for helping Native Americans.

  • Karishma Agarwal

    Karishma Agarwal

    You don’t meet students like Karishma Agarwal every day.

  • Manny Elivo

    Manny Elivo

    Manny Elivo was one of many students who set foot on planes at the beginning of the spring 2020 semester, excited to participate in his first study abroad experience.

  • Rachel Fidino

    Rachel Fidino

    Rachel Fidino is furthering her education to make positive changes in Women’s Health.

  • Ben Hunt

    Ben Hunt

    Ben Hunt is employee wellness coordinator at MSU and helps improve the health of university employees and their families.

  • Kyle Meadows

    Kyle Meadows

    Kyle Meadows’ educational journey has come together like a puzzle.

  • Acacia Boerboom

    Acacia Boerboom

    Acacia Boerboom helps others follow their dreams of studying abroad.

  • Jaime Gnau

    Jaime Gnau

    In March 2020, when it became clear that COVID-19 was impacting lives in the Ozarks, Jaime Gnau placed a call to Ozarks Food Harvest.

  • Aaron Dimatulac

    Aaron Dimatulac

    Friday, March 13, 2020 was a bad day for Aaron Dimatulac.

  • Dr. Luciane Maimone

    Dr. Luciane Maimone

    Imagine you’re an immigrant in the U.S. who wants your children to assimilate and be accepted. They speak a heritage language at home and the majority language at school.

  • Phil Heaver

    Phil Heaver

    A Google search changed the trajectory of Phil Heaver’s life.

  • Sarah Teague

    Sarah Teague

    Whether it’s radio, photography or pandemic coverage, Sarah Teague has a story to tell.

  • Nick Martinez

    Nick Martinez

    Capt. Nick Martinez comes from a family where defending and protecting is a tradition.

  • Jacob Roseburrough

    Jacob Roseburrough

    Real-world experience in the College of Business helped Jacob Roseburrough develop his skills, stand out in the field and quickly land a job after graduation.

  • Kymberly Strange

    Kymberly Strange

    A first-gen college student, Kymberly Strange is determined to succeed.

  • Victoria Quintero

    Victoria Quintero

    Victoria Quintero’s experience at Super Bowl 54 exceeded her expectations.

  • Josh Lawler

    Josh Lawler

    A small stone started a rockslide into a career of nursing.

  • Lino Perez

    Lino Perez

    Computers have always fascinated Lino Perez. 

  • Aaliyah Williams

    Aaliyah Williams

    Aaliyah Williams loves to help others, especially kids.

  • Jennifer Baxter

    Jennifer Baxter

    Jennifer Baxter called it the best career decision she ever made.

  • Alexandria Dool

    Alexandria Dool

    Alexandria Dool thrives in MSU’s criminology program, taking in every opportunity along the way.

  • Vonetta Ivy-Medlock

    Vonetta Ivy-Medlock

    Missouri State is proud to be an award-winning supporter of adult students.

  • Jessica Ridder

    Jessica Ridder

    Jessica Ridder's 1st grade class is all about working together. 

  • Justice Davis

    Justice Davis

    Who’s got spirit? Justice Davis does. She’s the Lebanon High School cheer coach and an MSU-Lebanon elementary education student.

  • Dianna Chamberlain

    Dianna Chamberlain

    Dianna Chamberlain’s approach to teaching takes her to other classrooms, where she educates other educators about technology.

  • Nicole AllmondJoy

    Nicole AllmondJoy

    Nicole AllmondJoy hit the reset button. 

  • Eden Olena

    Eden Olena

    In an inclusive global society, translation is more than just moving from one language to the next

  • Kendall Vowels

    Kendall Vowels

    Kendall Vowels had an interesting project at the start of the school year.

  • Linda Chadwick-Wirth

    Linda Chadwick-Wirth

    MSU’s professional and technical writing program prepared Linda Chadwick-Wirth for a career creating user experiences.

  • Holden Bridges

    Holden Bridges

    Holden Bridges has had many accomplishments at Missouri State.

  • Bailey Wolf

    Bailey Wolf

    Bailey Wolf mixes science and technology with a background in agriculture.

  • Daniel Zender

    Daniel Zender

    Daniel Zender’s work ethic and signature creative style have gained him well-known commercial and media clients. He’s also winning awards in his industry.

  • Diana Maniace

    Diana Maniace

    Inspired by her parents, Diana Maniace returned to school to become a teacher and mentor for children.

  • Clarissa Hatley

    Clarissa Hatley

    Whether it’s teaching next to a spring-fed creek or leading a park hike, Clarissa Hatley gets to do what she loves. 

  • Tiffany Huggins

    Tiffany Huggins

    Tiffany Huggins is a teacher of the visually impaired (TVI).

  • Dr. Jokima Hiller

    Dr. Jokima Hiller

    She’s known for her personality and personal experience.

  • Brandon Jenson

    Brandon Jenson

    Call it problem solving on a large scale.

  • Hannah Granger

    Hannah Granger

    MSU-Neosho student relies on empathy as a key tool for education.

  • Sheena Speer

    Sheena Speer

    Sheena knew she wanted to be a part of the hospitality industry from a young age. 

  • Alexis Creamer

    Alexis Creamer

    Alexis Creamer is not only leading on campus. She’s leading around the nation.

  • Julia Guffey

    Julia Guffey

    Creativity takes many forms.

  • Michael Rodrigues

    Michael Rodrigues

    Coming here brought him closer to his values. 

  • Josh Rodriguez

    Josh Rodriguez

    Nontraditional student Josh Rodriguez has this advice for adult students seeking success at Missouri State.

  • Todd Hussong

    Todd Hussong

    "It's never too late to accomplish your dreams and goals in life."

  • Patricia Hilton

    Patricia Hilton

    There are a variety of reasons for why a student might be prevented from heading to college right after high school.

  • Shelby Adams

    Shelby Adams

    Equipped with an MSU Online finance degree, Shelby Adams helps make the dream of home ownership come true. 

  • Michaella McBride

    Michaella McBride

    For Michaella McBride, it's the personal touch that sets Missouri State apart.

  • Lodemia Wolken

    Lodemia Wolken

    Across all of our campuses, Missouri State excels at educating future educators.

  • Dr. Susan Robinson

    Dr. Susan Robinson

    Imagine this: You have confidence in your ability to stand on a chair and reach into a cabinet without falling. Now, imagine being even a little bit too confident in that ability.

  • Jackie Bradley

    Jackie Bradley

    Only 40 college students each year can say they’re a Paul Ambrose Scholar.

  • Bryant Clerkley

    Bryant Clerkley

    Bryant Clerkley had to cut our first interview short: News was breaking.

  • Jerrid Morris

    Jerrid Morris

    2017 School of Anesthesia Talent Show winner - Magic Morris!

  • Alexandria Garcia

    Alexandria Garcia

    "The specific moment I knew I wanted to be a nurse anesthetist ‘when I grew up’ was the time when we found out my mom’s cancer had spread to her brain."

  • Aly Gatwood

    Aly Gatwood

    A recent recipient of the scholarship is senior Aly Gatwood. Her family lost their home in the St. Louis floods on December 29, 2015.

  • Hayden Sander

    Hayden Sander

    New Zealand native focused on capturing an NCAA championship and working toward a degree

  • Shannon Hock

    Shannon Hock

    “I’ve been making changes in the community and my job – not just going to school.”

  • Joey Saba

    Joey Saba

    "Don’t stay in your one friend zone. It’s good to have friends—old friends—but college is about making new friends."

  • Alonzo Perez

    Alonzo Perez

    "My parents were both born in Mexico, and I am fluent in Spanish, so it’s nice having a little piece of my culture here on campus.”

  • Chase Marable

    Chase Marable

    Chase discovered that time management and organization are crucial for success in college

  • Annina Fremgen

    Annina Fremgen

    Down the road, you might have the product of Annina Fremgen's vision in your home. Perhaps the table on which you eat dinner with your family. Annina wants to design furniture.