Project Success

Project Success is an academic support program for college students with a learning disability, ADHD, or other diagnosis who desire more comprehensive services than those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Those enrolled in Project Success will be offered a wide variety of services tailored for students with learning disabilities.

While all MSU students with learning disabilities have accommodations available to them at no additional charge through the Disability Resource Center, the Project Success program offers the students struggling with learning difficulties and organizational skills additional academic guidance.

The Project Success program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student utilizing their own strengths and weaknesses. The one-on-one approach we utilize ensures that each Project Success student receives the best guidance possible to maximize academic success each semester. 


Once accepted into the Project Success program students will receive individualized attention/assistance can utilize to achieve provide them with an opportunity to perform on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. In addition, we provide students with both academic and emotional support that will help ease the transition to higher learning. Assisting the student with focusing on professional and academic related skills which will enable independent function, first in the academic environment, and later in the competitive job market.

For more information on the Project Success Program, email Dr. Steven Capps at


All students and staff of the Project Success program are present to assist in each students academic potential. Such goals require invested efforts from the student and staff. Principles of this teamwork include:

  • Awareness and dedication to understanding personal strengths and difficulties

  • Devotion to one’s academic and personal growth

  • Honesty during academic happenings

  • Personal accountability with persistent focus and hard work to achieve goals

  • Utilization of all support offered within the university

  • Maintain and utilize careful time management and organization techniques


Students in Project Success are enrolled in regular college courses and must meet the same academic requirements as their non-disabled peers. They receive degrees in a variety of areas, and are not restricted as to class schedules because of their disability. Project Success students are full-fledged members of the Missouri State University community. Their participation in the program is known only to the students themselves and those who they give permission or choose to tell.