FAQs about Services

Where is the clinic located? 

We are located in the Alumni Center, Suite 502, at 300 South Jefferson. The building is on the corner of Jefferson and McDaniel Streets in downtown Springfield.  The downtown Missouri State University shuttle (the gold route) has two shuttle stops providing direct access to our building.

Where do I park while I am attending my appointment? 

Clients should park on the 3rd floor (top) level of the parking garage that is connected to the Alumni Center.  The parking lot entrance is located off of McDaniel Street.  (Note: Jefferson is a one-way street running south so it is best to access the clinic via McDaniel Street.)  Regular student parking is also available in the two parking lots located on the North side of McDaniel Street.  Disabled parking is available on the 1st level of the parking garage.

Whom do I contact if I need to change an appointment time? 

Please call the main clinic number 417-836-4787.  If you have the name of your examiner please leave a message for them.  If you have not been provided the name of your examiner you may leave a message for Dr. Steve Capps.

If I am going to be late or absent, whom do I notify? 

Please call the main clinic number 417-836-4787.  If you know the name of your examiner please leave a message for them with our receptionist.  If you are more than ½ hour late, we will not be able to conduct testing that day.  You will need to contact us to reschedule. 

What if I forget and don’t show up at my scheduled appointment? 

As soon as you are aware that you have missed an appointment, notify the clinic.  If you miss two of your sessions without giving prior notice, the testing will be discontinued and you will not be able to reschedule.  Please note that we will not be able to follow up with you if you miss an appointment.  It will be your responsibility to contact us.

How will I be billed? 

Charges for services rendered will be sent to Missouri State’s Financial Services department at the end of each month.  You will be billed after your final report has been mailed to you.  The only exception is when a client does not complete the assessment process.  Then a bill for partial charges will be submitted at an hourly rate.  Instructions for payment will be included with your bill.  If you need to make monthly payments, it may be possible to arrange this with Financial Services; or we may be able to split the total fee into smaller increments.

If you are testing my child, will I need to stay during the testing? 

Once some preliminary questions have been answered, you will be free to leave during testing.  However, we would like for you to be accessible after testing begins in case your child does not respond well to the assessment situation.  We do need you to return to take your child for a lunch break if you have an all day session.