FAQs About Services

When is the best time to apply?

The Project Success program has a limited number of spots available each semester. Individuals are encouraged to apply early the year prior to when you intended to begin college.

What is the ACT or SAT requirement?

Project Success does not adhere to a specific ACT or SAT requirement however, the student must be admitted into Missouri State to become a student of the program.

Are Project Success services available to students at other schools in Springfield, Missouri?

No. Project Success services are only available to students enrolled at Missouri State and the Project Success program.

Are there scholarships available through Project Success?

Students of Project Success are responsible for acquiring their own funding. Applicants are encouraged to speak with MSU’s financial aid advisors for clarification and guidance regarding financial support.

Can I visit with Project Success before applying?

Most definitely. All interested applicants are highly recommended to contact Project Success to schedule a visit.

How many semesters should I utilize the Project Success program?

Project Success services are provided to students on a semester-by-semester basis. Students are free to opt out of the program at the end of the semester.

What is the best semester to start using the Project Success program?

Freshman are highly recommended to begin during their first semester at Missouri State however, students are accept into the Project Success program at any point of the student’s college career.

If I stop using Project Success services, can I come back?

Yes, after you work with the Project Success program, you can decide not to return. In the occasion you decide to return to Missouri State and are interested in becoming a student of the Project Success program again, please contact us at 417-836-4787.

Is there a fee to send in my application for the Project Success program?

No, at this time we do not require an application fee to be sent in with the application.

How many students does the Project Success program serve?

The Project Success program is limited to 35 students each fall and spring semester. We typically accept 10 new students each fall semester.

What is the distribution of GPA’s for students in the Project Success program?