Building Evacuation Areas

Anyone who smells smoke or observes an immediate threat of fire, should:

  1. Go to the nearest fire alarm pull station.
  2. Activate the alarm.
  3. Go to the nearest phone and dial 911.

If you are in a residence hall, the desk should be notified.  Do not attempt to put the fire out yourself unless there is a fire extinguisher nearby and the fire is under control.

When evacuation procedures have been initiated, faculty and staff members shall assume responsibility for the evacuation in an orderly manner.

Upon evidence of an emergency, or at the direction of the Department of Safety and Transportation, the Springfield Police Department, or the Springfield Fire Department, faculty and staff members in adjacent buildings shall assume responsibility for the evacuation of their buildings in an orderly manner.

Fire hydrants, streets, and driveways must remain accessible to emergency vehicles.  Evacuation of buildings should be made through the nearest exit, and persons should proceed to the location indicated.

The Department of Safety and Transportation will assist with the evacuations as personnel resources permit.

The Maintenance Department shall proceed to the evacuation site to give technical assistance to emergency responders.

Building coordinators, faculty and staff members will assist in maintaining order in the assembly areas until permission to re-enter has been given.

In the event that evacuation stimulates media attention, all inquiries will be referred to Missouri State University Media Relations.

For Facility Exit Route/Destination list, please go to Building Evacuation and Shelter Locations.