Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts

Missouri State University has a severe weather warning system with exterior sirens. If the National Weather Service issues a tornado or severe weather warning, follow the procedures below.

Reporting procedures during non-performing times 

  1. Person assigned to check the weather alert radio notifies the executive director about the tornado warning.
  2. Executive director notifies the director of operations.
  3. Director of operations notifies all back-stage, music department personnel and anyone using the green room or rehearsal hall.
  4. Executive director notifies administrative office, box office personnel and anyone using the Fuldner Lounge.

Taking shelter during non-performing times

Administrative office and box office personnel take shelter in the coat check room or in the supply room. People in the Fuldner Lounge take shelter in the restrooms located outside the lounge or the stairway leading to the box seats.

Reporting procedures during a performance

  1. Person assigned to check the weather alert radio notifies the executive director about the Tornado Warning.
  2. Executive director notifies the director of operations.
  3. Executive director announces over the PA system to start the sheltering procedures.
  4. Director of operations notifies all backstage personnel, technical crew, performers, music department personnel and anyone using the green room.
  5. House manager directs the head ushers and volunteer ushers in carrying out the sheltering procedures.

Taking shelter during a performance

Volunteers direct patrons to remain at their seat location and duck and cover behind the seat. There will be no time to evacuate the mezzanine or petite balconies.

The head ushers will supervise the sheltering of patrons with disabilities. The executive director will decide if the performance will continue.