Hammons Student Center

Missouri State University has a severe weather warning system with exterior sirens. If the National Weather Service issues a tornado or severe weather warning, follow the procedures below.

Procedures for facility manager

The facility manager must be aware of the environment and the number of people in the facility.

During a special event, facility personnel will meet with law enforcement and representatives of the event. They evaluate:

  • Size of the crowd.
  • Volatility of the crowd.
  • Ease of movement.
  • Time with regard to the beginning or ending of the event.

During an event

During an assembly, we will use the arena public address system to give information and instructions. If there is a tornado or dangerous severe weather warning, follow the procedures below:

  • Vacate the third floor immediately.
  • Move to the lower-level basement area to include hallways, locker rooms, wrestling room, training room and offices.
  • If you are in the south wing (pool and racquetball courts), move to the recreational locker room areas.

Depending on circumstances, crowds of up to 2,000 may move to lower-level and other lower-risk areas. If there is a large crowd, it may be best to keep people in place while focusing on moving people from high-risk areas.