International Perspectives in K-12 Special Education Certificate

International Perspectives in K-12 Special Education

This certificate provides coursework to improve or broaden the student’s cultural competence and understanding of special education and disability-related instructional practices. Students will receive exposure to international approaches to education for persons with disabilities, and will complete one study away experience with an emphasis on K-12 special education in an international setting. The goal of this certificate will be to broaden the undergraduate student’s perspective regarding education in the global society and the implementation of special education programs and services for children and adults with disabilities.

Admission requirements

The International Perspectives in K-12 Special Education Certificate Program is open to all interested persons with 30 hours or more of college credit. International students must meet Missouri State University language proficiency standards for TOEFL (69 for undergraduates) or IELTS (5.5 for undergraduates); language requirement may be waived through successful interview with departmental committee.

Completion requirements

Students must take a minimum of 12 hours as designated and approved, and must earn a B or better in all courses applied to the certificate. Students must satisfy all prerequisites for any courses they take in the program, or they must obtain instructor approval to waive any prerequisites.

Program requirements (12 hours)

  1. Select one  of the following introductory courses in special education:
    1. SPE 310 - Introduction to Special Education (3), or
    2. SPE 340 - Educational Alternatives for Exceptional Students (2)
  2. Select one  course in diversity and education or child and family development, selected from the following:
    1. EDC 345 - Introduction to Multicultural Education and Diversity (3 hours), or
    2. CFD 305 - Multicultural Studies in Child and Family Development (3 hours)
  3. Select one course in International Approaches to K-12 Special Education that incorporates a Study Away experience involving special education.
    1. SPE 540 - International Experiences in K-12 Special Education - Study Away (3 hours)
      NOTE: For international candidates who seek the certificate through contracted partnerships with Missouri State University, the SPE 540 International Experience will be provided in the Southwest Missouri region.
  4. Select one course in the General Education Focus on Cultural Competence, selected from the following:
    1. ANT 100 – World Cultures (3)
    2. ENG 289 – Literature, Culture, and Conflict (3)
    3. GRY 100 – World Regional Geography (3)
    4. IDS 297 – International Culture and Study Abroad (3)
    5. LLT 180 – The Heroic Quest (3)
    6. MCL 200 – Global Perspectives on Languages and Cultures in Society (3)
    7. MTH 121 – Multicultural Views of History and Mathematics (3)
    8. REL 100 – Introduction to Religion (3)
    9. REL 210 – Paths of World Religion (3)
    10. SWK 219 – Human Diversity (3)
  5. Optional – As needed: In the event that completion of required coursework does not result in minimum of 12 hours, such as those students electing to take SPE 340 for 2 hours of credit, students may select related electives as approved by the Special Education Program Coordinator or CLSE Department Head. Recommended electives include, but are not limited to:
    1. SPE 300 – Service Learning in Special Education (1 hours)
    2. DAS 100 – Introduction to Disability Studies (3 hours)
  6. All candidates must satisfy the General University Certificate Requirements.