Foundation Award for Research

Kevin Mikus

Kevin Mickus

Geography, Geology and Planning
Natural and Applied Sciences


I. Focus of Research

I do research in applying geophysical methods (seismic, gravity, magnetics and electromagnetics) to solve geological problems including tectonics, mineral and geothermal resources exploration, volcanology and environmental. My main research areas include using gravity, magnetics and electromagnetics to determine the water flow patterns in the Old Faithful Geyser region, the movement of magma in the Erebus volcano in Antarctica, the crustal structure of the Himalayan orogenic belt in Nepal and Bhutan, the location of rare earth mineral deposits in southeastern Missouri, the crustal structure of the East African Rift in Ethiopia and Botswana, basin structures in northern Washington and geothermal resources in Ethiopia and Kenya.

II. Title and year of major projects

2014-2018- Gravity data collection and interpretation in Bhutan

2015-2017-Gravity and magnetic data collection and interpretation on the Erebus Volcano, Antarctica

2017-2023-Gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic data collection and interpretation in the Yellowstone caldera including the Old Faithful Geyser region

2003-present-gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic data interpretation of the East African Rift including Ethiopia, Zambia, Malawi and Botswana

2015-present-Geothermal exploration in Ethiopia and Kenya

2016-present-Crustal structure of Iraq

2016-2018-Exploration for rare earth minerals in southeastern Missouri

2010-present-Crustal structure of Tunisia

2021-present-development of computer methods to interpret gravity and magnetic data

III. Future directions of research

I will continue to work in the East African Rift, the Himalayan Orogenic Belt, the sedimentary basins in northern Washington and geothermal exploration in Ethiopia and Kenya.

I have obtained research grants to collect and interpret gravity and magnetic data in northeastern Iraq and southeastern Egypt for crustal structure and geothermal resource potential.

I have applied for a research grant with Missouri University of Science and Technology, and the South Dakota School of Mines to study the geothermal resource potential in southwestern South Dakota.

IV. Topics related to your research and of interest to the broad University Community, for which you are available for presentations and/or consultations. 

Crustal structure of the East African Rift

Nature of volcanism and working in Antarctica

Rare Earth mineralization in southeastern Missouri

Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Crustal Structure of the Himalaya Mountains