Student Teaching as Teacher of Record

Undergraduate or post bac student teacher candidates who are within twelve hours of completing a teacher education program may be hired by a school district to begin teaching during their student teaching semester. The student teacher candidate would then complete Student Teaching as the "Teacher of Record" in the classroom.

When a school district requests that a student teacher candidate be allowed to student teach and also be the classroom teacher of record, the procedure below is followed:

  • The following documentation must be submitted to the Professional Education Services Office in Hill Hall 212:
    • School District Verification and Agreement To Hire Form completed by the district.
    • A letter of request from the school principal detailing the reasons and rationale for the placement of a student teacher candidate as Teacher of Record
    • A letter of request from the prospective student teacher candidate detailing a desire to enter into this agreement. This letter must include supporting evidence regarding the student's background, experiences, and personal attributes that would contribute to such an arrangement.
    • A letter of support from the Program Coordinator of the prospective student teacher's certification area

This documentation is then evaluated by the Program Coordinator, the Dean of the College of Education, and the Department Head and Dean of the student's major. Not all requests are approved. However, if approved the following guidelines must be followed during student teaching:

  • The school district MUST have a cooperating teacher (fully certified) in the classroom with the teacher candidate for the first six weeks (any expenses incurred to provide this teacher will be the responsibility of the school district). The co-teaching model may be utilized.
  • At the end of this six-week period, the university student teaching supervisor, cooperating teacher and principal evaluate the progress of the teacher candidate. If the progress is sufficient and the teacher candidate feels comfortable, the cooperating teacher may be permitted to remain in the classroom as little as every other day for the next two weeks.
  • At the end of this two-week period, an evaluation is made by the teacher candidate, cooperating teacher, principal and university student teaching supervisor to determine the level of progress.
  • Upon mutual agreement among all parties, the teacher candidate may then be allowed to teach the class without a cooperating teacher in the classroom.
  • The school district continues to maintain a cooperating teacher assigned to the teacher candidate for the entire period of student teaching. This cooperating teacher observes the teacher candidate once a week and provides written evaluation. The cooperating teacher is availalble for conferences with the university supervisor and assists with the mid-semester and end of semester evaluations.
  • The teacher candidate is required to complete all requirements of student teaching including supervisor observations, time logs, e-portfolio, summative work sample, meeting attendance, etc. No requirements are waived, but instead are simply completed while serving as teacher of record.

If all parties agree to the conditions listed above, the student will apply for a Provisional Teaching Certificate.