May 2020 Employee Town Hall

The president hosted a town hall meeting via Zoom on May 20, 2020. Topics included the plans to reopen campus, the fall semester and the status of budgets. If you were unable to attend, you are encouraged to view the recording.

Town hall survey responses

The following survey questions were asked during the town hall meeting.

Are you concerned for your safety as you return to work?
Response Number of Responses Percent
Slightly concerned 397 41.92%
Very concerned 316 33.37%
Not concerned 134 14.15%
Neutral 100 10.56%
Given what you know about the university’s return to campus what do you think about the pace of reopening?
Response Number of Responses Percent
Reasonable pace 782 82.58%
Too fast 77 8.13%
I don’t think the university should reopen this fall 45 4.75%
Too slow 25 2.64%
I think we should be open now 18 1.90%
How helpful have university COVID-19 communications been in understanding temporary policies, announcements, processes, etc.
Response Number of Responses Percent
The correct amount of information has been provided. 739 79.21%
There needs to be more information provided. 183 19.61%
There’s been too much communication. 7 0.75%
I haven’t received or seen any communication. 4 0.43%
To help us understand the demographics of who is participating in this meeting, please indicate your role at Missouri State.
Response Number of Responses Percent
Staff 570 59.56%
Faculty 269 28.11%
Administrator 59 6.17%
Student 25 2.61%
Parent 22 2.30%
Community 12 1.25%
Which of the following safety precautions do you support?
Response Number of Responses Percent
Social distancing 892 94.00%
Wear a mask in designated locations 821 87.00%
Participate in COVID-19 safety training 629 66.00%
Random COVID-19 testing 577 61.00%
None of the above 15 2.00%
If we reach the point in the budget process where we are forced to either implement furloughs or layoffs, which is your preference?
Response Number of Responses Percent
Furloughs 787 87.64%
Layoffs 111 12.36%

Questions and comments

Please submit any questions or comments to the president's office.