January 15, 2021 Virtual Town Hall

The president hosted the first town hall of 2021 on Friday, January 15. Topics included the university's COVID-19 response, testing, vaccinations and ongoing plans for the spring semester.

If you were unable to attend, you are encouraged to view the recording. If you have questions about the subjects discussed at the town hall meeting or any other topic, you may send them to President@MissouriState.edu.

Response summary

The following questions were asked during the presentation:

Question one

To help us understand the demographics of who is participating in this meeting, please indicate your role at Missouri State.

Response Count Percent
Faculty 240 31.70%
Staff 450 59.46%
Administrator 53 7.00%
Student 6 0.79%
Parent 1 0.13%
Other 7 0.92%
Total 757 100%

Question two

How difficult has it been enforcing masking in your classroom, office or work area?

Response Count Percent
Enforcing masking has not been difficult. 623 85.23%
I was not comfortable with the responsibility of enforcement but did not find it to be difficult. 79 10.81%
I was not comfortable with the responsibility of enforcing masking and made little effort to enforce. 27 3.69%
I don’t believe in masking and did not attempt to enforce it in my area. 2 0.27%
Total 731 100%

Question three

If offered free of charge, will you get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Response Count Percent
Yes, as soon as it’s available to me. 641 77.42%
Yes, when I feel it’s a safe option. 148 17.87%
No, I do not trust the methods used to develop the COVID-19 vaccine. 35 4.23%
No, I do not believe in vaccines. 4 0.48%
Total 828 100%