August 2020 Employee Town Hall

The president hosted a town hall meeting via Zoom on August 5, 2020. Topics included adjustments due to SPS re-entry plan, reopening plans and masking policy changes. If you were unable to attend, you are encouraged to view the recording.

Town hall survey responses

The following survey questions were asked during the town hall meeting.

To help us understand the demographics of who is participating in this meeting, please indicate your role at Missouri State.
Response Number of Responses Percent
Administrator 60 7.76%
Faculty 239 30.92%
Staff 468 60.54%
Other 6 0.78%
For all employees: Where do you think masks should be required?
Response Number of Responses Percent
Option 1: In all buildings except Residence Halls, Dining Halls, Foster Recreation. 91 9.87%
Option 2: In all buildings except when in our own rooms or when eating and drinking. 783 84.92%
In academic buildings only. 45 4.88%
I refuse to wear a mask. 3 0.33%
For faculty/instructors only: How do you feel about the prospect of enforcing masking in your classroom?
Response Number of Responses Percent
I feel I am currently capable of enforcing masking in my classroom with administrative support. 246 67.77%
I am not comfortable with the responsibility of enforcement now, but am hopeful that guidelines, training and signage will make it possible for me to do so. 85 23.42%
I am not comfortable with the responsibility of enforcing masking and expect others to take this responsibility. 32 8.82%
I don’t believe in masking and will not attempt to enforce it in my classroom. 0 0.00%

Questions and comments

Please submit any questions or comments to the president's office.