Student Support

Expand possibilities for future Bears

You know an education from Missouri State can foster purpose and build integrity. Maybe earning a degree changed your life, or the life of someone you love. 

We understand college is a major investment. Our philosophy: A quality education should be within the financial reach of all students. We do all we can to control costs. But we still know the monetary burden of attending university is just too much for some students. 

You can empower Bears by supporting scholarships. These gifts help us enroll the most talented and promising students, regardless of their ability to pay.

Your gift is an investment in a student’s success.


If I establish a scholarship, who will receive it? 

You establish the criteria for the scholarship. Some donors have created scholarships for students from their own high schools or hometowns. Others have criteria based on leadership skills, academic performance, financial need or community service. You will work with our professional staff to establish the right criteria for your scholarship fund.


About 90%

of full-time, first-time undergraduate MSU students receive some form of financial aid