Application and Admission Requirements

The BSN application deadline is 5 p.m. on or before January 31 of each year. Application to nursing programs require a non-refundable $50 program application fee to the School of Nursing. This is in addition to the university’s $35 application fee.

The application fee does not guarantee acceptance into the desired program of your choosing.

Pay online through the Missouri State CashNET service.  Payments are accepted by electronic checking or Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card. CashNET charges a 2.75 percent convenience fee on payments made with credit card. Find more information on the credit card policy, visit the Bursar's site.


Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) is competitive and selective, and not all who apply can be accommodated. Students will be admitted to the nursing program once a year for full-time study. Applications for admission to the program are due January 31, on or before 5:00 PM CST and will be reviewed beginning February 1 in the year prior to summer admission, and continue until the class is full.

Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the School of Nursing prior to or upon entering the University to ensure the proper selection and sequencing of prerequisites for the BSN program. The decision to admit a student to the BSN program will be based on a holistic picture of the completed course work and values that are consistent with the conduct of the profession and the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses (ANA, 2015).

Admission Policies

  1. Admission to Missouri State University.
  2. Completion of application to the Generic BSN program to the School of Nursing, including a current resume.
  3. Submission of official transcripts of all college course work.
  4. Completion of a minimum of 43 credit hours.
  5. Completion of the General Education Foundations courses, except Writing II (including those listed in section A. of program requirements) at the time of application to the program, and have no more than one General Education requirement (other than those listed in section A. of program requirements) remaining at the time the nursing program begins. Also, NUR 472(3) and statistics may be taken during the nursing program as a prerequisite or co-requisite with NUR 442(6), but must be taken prior to the spring semester of the senior year in the program.
  6. Completion of the prerequisites BMS 307(4) or KIN 250(3); BMS 308(4) or KIN 252(3) with a grade of "B-" or higher.
  7. Completion of the specific General Education requirements listed in section A. of program requirements with a grade of "C" or higher.
  8. MTH 135(3) or a higher numbered mathematics course listed in the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement, chemistry, and anatomy will be given additional points in the selection process if completed by the January 31 application date.
  9. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all attempted college course work. Complete nursing prerequisites with a grade of "C" or higher.
  10. Meet technical standards of the program in order to successfully undertake the course of study. These standards are available upon request from the program.
  11. Submit evidence of current immunizations (MMR, Tetanus, Varicella, complete Hepatitis B series, and a PPD or evidence of appropriate medical follow-up for PPD positive individuals).
  12. Current American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers certification. AHA course information and requirements may be accessed at
  13. All students must carry health insurance throughout the entire program. A comprehensive student group health and accident insurance policy is available through Missouri State University.
  14. Applicants who have previously attended a nursing school or another school of a health-related profession must have a letter submitted from the Dean or Head of that school that includes a statement regarding the student’s standing at the previous school. Applicants who have been previously dismissed from a program or were not in good standing at the time of dismissal will not be considered for admission.
  15. Applicants must demonstrate academic potential to successfully complete the program.
  16. Applicants must demonstrate acceptable levels of maturity, integrity, and behavior and attitudes normally expected of professional nurses.
  17. Admission is based on completion of all admission requirements; on cumulative GPA of all attempted college course work, with some additional preference given to current Missouri State University students and to individuals with previous healthcare experience, leadership experience, and/or community service. Additional consideration will be awarded for the grade received on the first attempt of chemistry, anatomy, and the university mathematics requirement.

Additional requirements of the program

Students are:

  1. Expected to purchase uniforms and initial equipment before beginning nursing courses. A list of the items and their prices can be obtained from the School of Nursing.
  2. Expected to provide their own transportation to clinical sites.
  3. Required to pay course fees for each semester they are enrolled in clinical nursing courses. These fees are used to pay for student liability insurance, student evaluation throughout the program, NCLEX-RN preparation, and laboratory and clinical supplies and equipment.
  4. Required to initiate and pay for any security checks and drug screenings required for clinical agencies, for application to take the NCLEX-RN, and when applying for licensure with a State Board of Nursing.
  5. Apply for criminal record check and receive response that the applicant has not been convicted of any crime pursuant to Section 660.317 RSMo or other disqualification that would prohibit licensure as a registered nurse.

Provisional admission policy

Provisional admission to the BSN program may be given to students who meet the criteria and are members of the Honors College, Missouri State University ROTC, and/or active duty military in certain programs. Students who seek provisional admission should contact the School of Nursing for the details of provisional admission and speak directly with an advisor.  General requirements of provisional admission are:

  • Current member of the Honors College, Missouri State University ROTC, and/or active duty military in special programs to obtain the BSN
  • Minimum Overall GPA of 3.70
  • Submission of the completed application packet by the Jan. 31 deadline
  • Meet the minimum generic BSN program admission criteria for final acceptance.

Specific Requirements for Honors College Provisional Admission in addition to the requirements above:

  • Be an officially declared pre-nursing major at least one year prior to the application deadline. This will allow the School to adequately prepare for the next application year. Those who declare pre-nursing as their major less than one year in advance are not eligible for provisional admission, but may apply as a general applicant.
  • Maintain consistent advisement in the School of Nursing for a minimum of one year prior to the application deadline.
  • Have all but one of the required Honor’s College courses completed by the start of the first semester of the nursing program. There is time to complete only one honor’s level course during the program. Any more incomplete courses will delay graduation and, therefore, RN licensure eligibility.

Students who meet these requirements by the application deadline will gain conditional admission to the BSN Program. For more information on the requirements to be accepted into the Missouri State Honors College, please visit the Honors College website.