Long-Range Plan 2021-26: Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Beautiful aerial view of campus highlighting Hammons fountains.

We have made history at Missouri State over the past 25 years.

Milestones include adopting the public affairs mission, changing the university’s name, expanding our graduate programs, and establishing IDEA Commons and a campus in China.

More recently we fought for more equitable funding, advocated for new programs outside of our traditional mission, and leaned into public-private partnership opportunities.

We have been the second largest public university in the state for some time. However, we have become more recognized and respected over the last 10 years. Our reputation and profile have grown, and our influence is greater.

These things didn’t just happen. We made them happen.

The same will be true as we look toward the future. We cannot just wait for our next successes to come to us. We must make them happen.

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Long-Range Plan themes