Payroll FAQ

Direct deposit questions

I currently have my net pay deposited into two accounts, $300 going to one account and the remainder in another. I am planning to set up a 457b retirement plan through ICMA-RC. Once I start that, I would like to drop the $300 from the other account. When do I need to have my changes/paperwork in by?

457b plans are started and modified through ICMA-RC’s web site. Any changes made in one month will be effective on the following month’s payroll. If you have started your 457b plan the prior month, you can use My Missouri State – Payroll Direct Deposit to delete your $300 deposit account or you can complete the Direct Deposit Form-Payroll and bring it to Payroll. If you start the process later in the month please call Payroll on the 20th to check whether or not the deferral will be made.

Could I have my paycheck deposited into three separate accounts—savings, a checking account, and a 457b retirement account? Or can I only pick two?

You may have two (2) accounts to deposit the total of your net pay. Retirement accounts, both 403b and 457 accounts are reductions to salary and are not a part of your net pay. So you may have two accounts to deposit your net pay and have money go into a retirement account.

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Tax questions

How will changing W-4 forms affect my payroll deposit?

The Missouri Department of Revenue has a tax calculator that will help you decide how to change both the Federal W-4 and/or the MO W-4. To use, look up your last monthly earnings statement in My Missouri State. Be sure to use taxable federal gross to enter into the calculator. Missouri Department of Revenue Withholding Calculator

How can I determine what to claim on my W-4?

To see what a change in exemptions will do to your tax withholdings, several websites have a withholding calculator for your use.,,id=96196,00.html, or

Why can’t I use the information on the year-to-date screen after December to file my taxes?

W-2 earnings include non-monetary taxable fringe benefits and manual corrections made after the December payrolls were finalized. Taxable benefits include gift certificates and other non-monetary benefits. They are not reflected on the year-to-date screen, only on the actual monthly earnings statement and the W-2.

I moved and didn’t get a copy of my W-2 in the mail. How can I get my W-2?

W-2’s are available for you to print on My Missouri State under the Profile tab. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can request a copy from the Payroll office. We can mail it to the address on file, or you can pick it up in the Payroll office. When picking up your W-2 you must bring a picture ID.

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Retirement questions

How do I stop my 403b salary reduction?

You must go to the Retirement Manager website at to stop your deduction. If this is your first time to the website you will need to click on “I’m a new user”. The employer ID will be your M#. The cut off is the 10th of the month prior to the payroll you want the contribution stopped.

How do I change my 403b company?

First, contact a representative of the new company you have chosen to start a contract. Go to the Retirement Manager website at Select stop contributing in the drop down box for the provider you want to stop. Then add the amount for the new provider. Make sure to set up an account with the new provider before the payroll date you’ve selected or the money will be returned to the University.

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Pay and leave questions

I am a Per Course Instructor in the fall semester. When will I receive my pay?

Provided all paperwork has reached HR and Payroll you will receive ¼ of your semester pay the last banking day of the month beginning September and ending December. If this is the first time you have taught, or you are returning after not teaching for a semester, you will need to complete a new I-9 and W-4’s. Be sure to check your direct deposit information to make sure your pay will be deposited in the correct account. If you teach in the spring, your pay will begin February and end May.

How do I find out what I made this month and the total for the year?

Monthly and Year-to-Date payroll information is available through My Missouri State.

How do I know how much vacation and sick leave I have accrued?

Vacation and sick leave balances are available through My Missouri State.

I need a paystub for my financial institution. How can I get a copy?

You can print your paystub from My Missouri State or you can request a copy of an official paystub from the Payroll office. You must have a picture ID with you to pick up the paystub.

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Timesheet and approver questions

We have a new supervisor who will be approving time. How do I set them up as approver?

You will need to submit a Time Entry Approver/Department Time Originator Authorization Form to the Payroll office.

I’m an approver and I will be on vacation when it’s time to approve timesheets. Can someone else approve in my absence?

You can designate someone in your department, who already has Approver status, to be your proxy. In case of vacations and emergencies, every approver should have a proxy set up. To set up a proxy on My Missouri State under the Work Resources tab and under “Time Approval” section, click on the “Update Approval Proxies”. In the drop down box select the name of the person who will be your proxy and save. Before you leave on vacation make sure to ask your proxy to approve your timesheets while you are out.

How do I know if I’m supposed to record a University day off as Holiday or Extra Day Given?

The Pay Calendars located on the Payroll website specify how all days should be recorded on your timesheet.

I didn’t submit my timesheet by the deadline and now I can’t get into it. How do I submit my timesheet so I can get paid?

Once the deadline has passed you will no longer have access to your timesheet. You will have to contact your approver and have them submit it for you. Once they have submitted the timesheet they can make any changes to it that is necessary before they approve it.

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