Approved Budget FY11

The Operating Budget for the year ended June 30, 2011 was presented to and approved by the Missouri State University Board of Governors on June 18, 2010.

The FY11 Operating Budget Presentation to the Board is available for printing.

The FY11 Operating Budget Book contains the Board Approved budget. It includes the Board of Governor's Internal Operating Budget Resolution along with a budget summary for the university as a whole and for the Operating Fund, the Designated Funds, the Auxiliary System Funds, and West Plains.The final section of the Budget Book also contains a Faculty/Staff Salary Budget Summary which is an alphabetical list of employees with their budgeted FTE percent and salaries.

The FY11 Detailed Budget Book includes a section for each of the administrative areas within the Operating, Designated, and Auxiliary System Funds, and for West Plains. Information within each section includes a Budget Summary by Cost Center followed by the Budget Detail and Salary Budget Detail for each department within that Cost Center.

The Budget Book is designed to be printed as a double-sided document. To do so, click the Properties button for your printer and select Double-sided or Duplex as the print type.

The document also contains bookmarks to each of the administrative area sections. To go to a specific section, click on the "Bookmarks" tab on the left of your screen to open the "Bookmark" pane and click on the title of the section you wish to view to go directly to that page in the document. You may also use the Search function to locate a specific word or phrase within the document. To do so, click on the Binoculars icon in the toolbar, or from the Edit command, choose Search to open the "Search PDF" pane on the right of the screen. Type the word or phrase you wish to locate and click the Search button. All occurrences of the word or phrase will appear as clickable links to take you directly to that page in the document.