Speech-Language Pathology Track

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Learn the skills to help you succeed

As a speech-language pathology major, you will have a unique opportunity to learn in the on-site Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic to test your knowledge and skills, and gain practical experience. This program engages its students in the comprehensive philosophy of human communication.

Students majoring in speech-language pathology study communication disorders as well as swallowing disorders by focusing on the components of speech and language:

  • Sound production
  • Pitch and tone
  • The mechanical components of breathing
  • Interpretation of signs and symbols used to communicate
  • Other social aspects of communication

Designing a career path to follow your passion

Speech and language professionals work closely with teachers, physicians, psychologists, social workers, rehabilitation counselors and other members of an interdisciplinary team. They are independent professionals and do not require direct medical supervision.

A speech-language pathologist works with children and adults to:

  • Identify, assess, treat and prevent speech and language disorders
  • Participate in assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders
  • Help individuals who have suffered brain trauma to relearn language and speech skills
  • Educate individuals on how to use augmentative and assistive systems of communication
  • Counsel individuals with speech and language disorders and their families or caregivers to understand their disorders and to communicate more effectively in educational, social and work settings
  • Advise individuals and the community on how to prevent speech and language disorders

A degree in speech-language pathology from Missouri State will prepare students to become licensed SLP assistants in the state of Missouri. Each state has its own licensure requirements, so visit the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to view the requirements for other states.

Continuing your education to make an impact in the lives of others

Many careers in communication sciences and disorders require a master’s level degree, and the undergraduate program in speech-language pathology at Missouri State will prepare you for continued education. Meet with an advisor in the department of communication sciences and disorders to develop a degree plan that is right for you.

Degree options