Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council

Reports to Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose: To serve as a champion of diversity and inclusion by: 1) supporting the establishment of University-0wide and community goals for improving the presence of diversity among individuals, ideas, and cultures; 2) helping to create and review specific strategies that will advance progress towards these goals, and 3) providing insight for identifying criteria for performance, success and assessment of goal attainment.

Kunti Bentley, Project HEAL Coordinator, Co-Chair
Andy Hedgepath, Director of HR, Cox Health, Co-Chair
Wes Pratt, Chief Diversity Officer, Co-Chair
Lawrence Anderson, Community Member
Janet Dankert, Community Member
Brian Fogle, Community Member
Tracy Kimberlin, Community Member
Samuel Knox, Executive Director, Minorities in Business
Judith Martinez, MCL, COAL
Abe McGull, Assistant United States Attorney
Scott Miller
Matt Morrow, Community Member
Maurice Moss, Attorney
John Oke-Thomas, Community Member
Francine Pratt, Director, Prosper Springfield
Linda Ramey-Greiwe, Community Member
Toni Robinson, NAACP
Mary Ann Rojas, Community Member
Cora Scott
Mark Struckhoff
Marteze Ward, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

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