Jerri Lynn Kyle


Communication Media JournalismandFilm

Role: Faculty
Campus: Springfield

Postal mail

Missouri State University
Communication Media JournalismandFilm
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897



  • MA, 1997, Southwest Missouri State University
  • BA, 1998, Missouri Southern State College


  • COM 115 Fundamentals Public Speaking
  • COM 305 Service Learning: Communication
  • COM 309 Principles of Public Relations
  • COM 315 Public Speaking II
  • COM 397 Special Event Planning.
  • COM 439 Techniques & Cases in PR — Service Learning
  • IDS 110 Introduction to University Life

Research and professional interests

My two greatest academic interests are public speaking and public relations. Both of these areas are audience centered, which creates an area of audience research that continues to be an important study for message construction, delivery and retention. 

My professional interest in public relations is two-fold. First, I find it extremely important to stay connected to area professionals, so that I can remain on top of current trends in the field. Our area professionals also provide a great resource base for guest speaking and mentoring of our students. Cultivating these relationships is extremely important and rewarding. Second, I am interested in the crossover of the practice of public relations in government, corporations, non-profit, free-lance and agencies.  This is an especially interesting trend to observe during this current economic climate.

Finally, my greatest research and professional interests are my students as a whole. I love teaching and find that each semester is an adventure in research and professionalism as I identify the dynamics in the different classes and work to relate material to students based on an informal observation process. When students have the “ah ha” moment, as they often do in public relations and public speaking, that makes every effort on my part worthwhile.  I love to see them “get it” and I love to see the enthusiasm that surfaces as a result.

Awards and honors

  • Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year. (2006).