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Campus: Springfield

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Communication Media JournalismandFilm
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Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk is associate professor of socio-political communication and rhetoric. She served as MSU's provost fellow for public affairs for 2015-2016. As provost fellow for public affairs, she oversaw the organization of the Public Affairs Conference in April 2016 and promoted the public affairs mission of the university. The topic for the 2016 conference was based on the public affairs theme for 2015-2016, “Building Healthy Communities: Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Dudash-Buskirk serves as curator of Be Civil Be Heard, a not-for-profit partner of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. It is currently administered out of the MSU's Center For Community Engagement.



  • PhD, Political Communications/Rhetoric, 2007, University of Missouri – Columbia
  • MA, 1999, Miami University of Ohio
  • BA, 1997, John Carroll University


  • COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • COM 315 Public Speaking II
  • COM 350 Rhetorical Tradition
  • COM 496 Readings in Communication and Persuasion
  • COM 566 Social Movement Communication
  • COM 597 Studies in Communication Theory and Practice
  • COM 706 Rhetorical Theory
  • COM 716 Rhetorical Analysis in Communication
  • COM 796 Independent Study
  • COM 799 Master’s Thesis

Research and professional interests

Dr. Elizabeth Dudash-Buskirk is most interested in studying how individuals create themselves as part of or outside of the social system through language. Language creates and upholds social institutions, such as the presidency, the electorate and our class system. Understanding how individuals decide to participate, enact their citizenship or promote their own life agenda is best answered through a close examination of their communicative activities. Therefore, most work is centered on rhetorical acts and requires answers found through rhetorical criticism, focus group participation, close textual analysis and critical approaches. Recent works include, “New kids on the block: My first time in a political community,” published in the American Behavioral Scientist and “International appeal in the presidential inaugural: An update on genre and an expansion of argument” in Contemporary Argumentation and Debate. Dudash-Buskirk also enjoys exploring film from critical perspectives, particularly examining gender issues and using psychoanalytical approaches, although the majority of her work is categorized as political communication or rhetorical studies.

Awards and honors

  • Graduate Faculty Member of the Year, Department of Communication, Missouri State University, 2008
  • Summer Faculty Fellowship Grant, Missouri State University, 2007
  • The Chancellor’s List for Graduate Students, 2005
  • Research Assistantship/Grant, University of Missouri, 2002
  • The Gilman Award for Excellence in Rhetorical Studies, University of Missouri, 2001

Area of expertise

Communication Languages

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