General Education Course Review

Principles and Purpose for Course Review — View the principles of General Education course review and the purpose of General Education course review at Missouri State University (Faculty Senate approved March 19, 2015; To view the Faculty Senate Attachment 5 from March 2015 and Minutes with the amendment to the assessment plan).

Annual Report Process — View the process for annual review of General Education, due date for submission of this material, and the link to the online annual report submission form. NOTE:  Annual Reports are submitted on September 15th every semester except on the year a Periodic Review is due courses will not submit an Annual Report; Annual Reports reflect assessment to previous academic year.

Period Review Process and Timeline — View the process for period review of General Education (a 4-year cycle), timeline for review (rotation of the areas of general education), and the link to the online periodic review submission form.

Review Process FAQs — Read the Q & A about the General Education review process.