General Education Course Review

Principles and Purpose for Course Review — View the principles of General Education course review and the purpose of General Education course review at Missouri State University (Faculty Senate approved March 19, 2015; To view the Faculty Senate Attachment 5 from March 2015 and Minutes with the amendment to the assessment plan). The General Education Assessment Plan was modified and approved by Faculty Senate February 8, 2018 (view Faculty Senate February Agenda Packet attachments 2–4 and February Minutes).

Annual Report Process — View the process for annual review of General Education, due date for submission of this material, and the link to the online annual report submission form. NOTE:  Annual Reports are submitted on September 15th every semester except on the year a Periodic Review is due courses will not submit an Annual Report; Annual Reports reflect assessment to previous academic year.

Period Review Process and Timeline — View the process for period review of General Education (a 4-year cycle), timeline for review (rotation of the areas of general education), and the link to the online periodic review submission form.

Review Process FAQs — Read the Q & A about the General Education review process.