General Education Annual Report Process

A general education course coordinator, with assistance from faculty who teach the course, will document and assess student learning based on the proposed general education plan. Documentation of an assessment/annual report will be uploaded on a yearly basis (except those course that will be submitting periodic reviews that academic year). The annual report should not be lengthy (approximately three pages). These annual reports will be useful when it comes to preparing the periodic review. Course coordinators accumulate and review student learning per the course proposal that was submitted at the time of revising the General Education or adding the course into our current General Education (courses proposed reporting results to their department at a minimum annually on the applications).

Information that will be included in your Annual Report

  • Date and a list of faculty who participated in the course review
  • Data discussed (student work, scores, a common question, etc.) for the Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs) chosen to assess. Reflection on the level of success in meeting the Specific Learning Outcomes (SLOs) chosen to assess (reflection should be approximately 250 words).
  • Conclusions and items chosen by faculty for action. Discuss specific follow-up plans for the course.
  • Recommendation for items that need action at higher levels than the department.

Annual Reports are due on September 15th (or the following Monday if this date falls on a weekend/holiday) each year. The annual report should reflect the previous academic year material. Data or assessments can be submitted if desired by email to Council on General Education and Intercollegiate Programs with the subject containing Annual Report Attachment and the Course Code. A copy of the annual report will be provided to the course coordinator and department head after CGEIP review.

Annual Reports will be reviewed by CGEIP during their monthly meetings in the Fall semester (Timeline for annual report course review will be posted on the CGEIP website). 

Annual Report Form

Click on the link below to take you to the annual report form in order to complete and submit it by September 15th (NOTE: to login, use your MSU and not your official MSU email).

The Annual Report deadline is extended until Monday, October 1st.

Annual Report