Program Requirements - RN to DNAP

Program Description

The Missouri State University School of Anesthesia provides the scientific foundation and clinical training that prepares anesthesia providers as certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) at the clinical doctorate level.

Program Accreditation

The Missouri State University School of Anesthesia is fully accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs, the official accrediting agency for nurse anesthetists.  They may be contacted at 222 South Prospect Avenue, Park Ridge IL 60068; Phone 847-655-1160.

Degree Requirements (Minimum of 119 hours) - BS -DNAP

  1. Course Requirements to total a minimum of 119 hours
  2. ANE Courses (107 hours)
    Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
    ANE 700 Informatics & Graduate Studies in Anesthesia 3 hrs
    ANE 702 Clinical Conference I 1 hr
    ANE 705 Clinical Conference II 1 hr
    ANE 708 Clinical Conference III 1 hr
    ANE 711 Clinical Conference IV 1 hr
    ANE 714 Orientation to Clinical Anesthesia 1 hr
    ANE 720 General Principles of Anesthesia 3 hrs
    ANE 726 Introduction to Clinical Anesthesia 2 hrs
    ANE 732 Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures and Special Populations I 6 hrs
    ANE 734 Advanced Physical Assessment & Clinical Reasoning 5 hrs
    ANE 735 Clinical Practicum 44 hrs
    ANE 742 Organ Physiology 4 hrs
    ANE 745 Anesthesia Pharmacology I 4 hrs
    ANE 746 Anesthesia Pharmacology II 3 hrs
    ANE 750 Anesthesia for Surgical Procudes and Special Populations II 4 hrs
    ANE 800 Leadership for Evidence-Based Practice 3 hrs
    ANE 803 Human Factors and Patient Safety in Healthcare  3 hrs
    ANE 804 Business of Anesthesia 3 hrs
    ANE 806  Professional Practice In Anesthesia  3 hrs 
    ANE 807  Anesthesia and Healthcare Policy  3 hrs 
    ANE 810  Health and Wellness in the Healthcare Setting  3 hrs 
    ANE 897 Research for Scholarly Project 3 hrs
    ANE 898 Capstone Project Presentation 3 hrs
    1. Non-ANE Courses (12 hours)
      Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
      BMS 620 Medical Cell Biology 3 hrs
      BMS 728 Human Neurophysiology and Anatomy 3 hrs
      PHI 613 Bioethics 3 hrs
      PBH 730 Biostatistics in Health Sciences 3 hrs
  3. Research/Capstone Requirement (total 6 hours)
    Each student will complete a Capstone project. This project must be started in the ANE 897 class and completed in the ANE 898 class. Students are allowed to work in groups of 2, or maximum 3, if approved by the Program Director.

Additional Requirements or limitations

  1. The candidate must maintain a minimum GPA of at least 3.00 each semester for the degree.
  2. All requirements must be satisfied within eight years.
  3. Six semester credit hours (or the equivalent in quarter hours) of non-ANE credit may be transferred into the program from an accredited University Graduate Program, after approval by the Graduate College and Program Director).
  4. All coursework must be approved by the Program Director.
  5. The candidate must pass oral and written comprehensive examinations.
  6. No more than 5 hours of C grade is allowed during the program.
  7. Candidates who do not achieve the academic standards set forth by the program will be immediately dismissed.
  8. BS to DNAP candidates, during the clinical phase (years 2 and 3), will carry liability insurance purchased through the AANA.
  9. For MS to DNAP candidates, an $900 fee will be applied to each class.  For BS to DNAP candidates, a $3,500 program fee will be applied to each semester (Summer, Fall and Spring).